Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hearing Voices with Rachel Patterson and Tori Redmond

Join us at Orr Street Studios at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, for readings of poetry by Rachel Patterson and fiction by Tori Redmond.


Rachel Marie Patterson is a Philadelphia native. She's now living in Columbia, Mo., where she's a Ph.D. student in creative writing at the University of Missouri. Her poems have appeared in Fugue, Redivider, The Greensboro Review, Clementine magazine, Tuesday-An Art Project and others. Her first chapbook, If I Am Burning, was released by Main Street Rag in November 2011.


Tori Redmond is a writer living in Dixon, Missouri. Tucked away in acres of dense forest, she tends to steer clear of social settings in favor of more spiritual pursuits. Currently working on her first novel: In The Company of Dogs. She is still working in the soul-sucking world of marketing, but she hopes to engage in more creative pursuits this year and beyond. Her poetry has pretty much appeared crumpled up in corners of her house at this point, but several of her feminist, religious and body-positive rants have been shared far and wide on the 'net.

Orr Street Studios is located at 106 Orr St. in downtown Columbia, Mo. Join us every Tuesday evening during the academic year for literary readings and visual-arts presentations.

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